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Women's Aid

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About Us

North East Lincolnshire Women's Aid is a registered charity that provides many services to victims and survivors of domestic abuse in N E Lincs - victims can be women, men and children.

We are headed by a group of volunteer Trustees who form the Management Board. This board manages the organisation and delegates certain day-to-day responsibilities to the Manager and her staff.

Women's Aid offer the following projects/support:

Refuge Accommodation - temporary supported crisis accommodation. Every year we accommodate about 80 women and over 100 children

Outreach Support - support in a place of safety, our office or in the home for anyone (women and men) experiencing abuse. Last year outreach services supported over 300 victims of domestic abuse

Telephone Support - which last year received nearly 300 calls from victims needing support or information - call 575757

Email Support -

Facebook - you can contact us for support and/or help Women's Aid via Facebook

Website - information and advice including links to support sites in many languages

Resettlement Support - support for women and children leaving the refuge and moving into a new home / new area

Childrens Services - Children’s support and guidance whilst living in the refuge is provided by profits from our Charity Shops

Domestic Violence Drop In facilities - for women or girls experiencing domestic abuse. Held twice a week.

Charity Shops - enabling recycling and reselling of used and donated goods

Service User Group - group of service users who meet to contribute to changes and developments within the organisation.  Service Users are actively involved in our Quality Assessment Framework, writing and reviewing policies, presentations, staff recruitment and much more

Volunteering - there are opportunities to become involved in volunteering for Womens Aid

Women's Aid Gardening Service - Group of services users who help other women who have been given new properties with overgrown or unmanageable gardens

Survivors Group - a weekly self-support group offered to women who are or have been affected by domestic abuse. Call Maria on 575757

Freedom Programme - a national programme being delivered locally twice a week allowing women time to explore domestic abuse, choices, behaviours, power and early warning signs of abuse

Partnerships & Networking - Women's Aid also works closely with many other agencies, organisations and/or forums to raise awareness and provide information, literature, domestic violence training, leaflets, etc. across North East Lincolnshire