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Children's Services

Despite the fact that we see hundreds of children every year who have been affected by or who have experienced abuse - Women's Aid do not receive any core funding to work with these vulnerable children. We have more children in our services than we do have women!

We always work very hard to sustain our services to children in the refuge but this is always dependant upon shop profits, fundraising events and donations from friends and supporters.

We offer support to children living in the refuge. Our qualified and experienced workers offer emotional and practical support to the children, but they also organise activities, events, one-to-one sessions, children's meetings, outings/trips and communal events such as barbeques, Christmas parties, etc.  Women's Aid plancs include offering the same service to our Outreach children and to children living in our communities who would just like some support to help make sense of their situation.

What do we want children to get from our specialist support services

For more information on our services for children 
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