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Charity Shops

Our Charity Shops are crucial for raising funds that help provide services to those experiencing abuse. For information about the shops or volunteering, call our Manager Sally, on 07766 227 536.

Grimsby Road, CleethorpesCharity Shop

120 Grimsby Road 
(Corner of Tiverton Street)
Tel: 319104

Opening times; Monday to Saturday 10am until 4pm


Hainton Square Shop

Hainton Square, Grimsby

Hainton Square
Tel: 344485

Opening times; Monday to Saturday 10am until 4pm


Both shops can take donations and they both sell clothes, bric-a-brac, shoes, toys etc

Hainton Square has a Furniture and a Book department.  

The Furniture department accepts items that are in good condition (with any relevant fire safety labels)  
and they can pick up furniture - they also offer a delivery service

Please give us a call if you can help us


Our volunteers undertake thousands of hours of voluntary work which is very much appreciated. Their time and effort is given for free.  Our Manager Sally, supports our fantastic teams of dedicated volunteers.

ALL SHOPS are looking for volunteers.

People volunteer for all sorts of reasons; they might have used our services and want to give back; some are unemployed and use the work to gain skills and experience; some are retired and want to do something useful with their time and others do it to meet new friends.  Whatever the reason, no experience is necessary as we try to offer as much training as the volunteer would like. Volunteers can build their skills, knowledge and their confidence.

If you would like to volunteer; you can choose any day EITHER 10am to 1pm OR 1pm to 4pm - Volunteers will need to be there 10 minutes before and after these shift times (Also see our vacancies page for more info)


Clothes & Bric-a-brac - You can donate to our shop by dropping off any unwanted clothes, bric-a-brac, books etc.

Furniture - If you have any unwanted furniture in good condition we would really appreciate it. We can also take bedding and curtains if they are in good condition.  If you can drop it off we would really appreciate it but we can arrange to pick up any larger items.

Rags - We do receive money for 'rags' - if you are throwing out old clothes, shoes, bags, belts that are worn out, stained, have holes, etc, we can still accept them !!

(If you label the bag 'rags' then we won't sort through it when you drop it off).

Books - Please bring any books to our Hainton Square shop

Printer Cartridges - We receive money for collecting used/empty HP printer cartridges - HP ONLY

Empty Biscuits wrappers, Cleaning Wipe Packets, Trigger guns, Make-up wipes & bottles and/or Roll-on deodorant bottles - We receive money to recycle these - any type/brand - collected at both shops

Mobile Phones - We receive money for old/broken mobile phones - collected at both shops

Broken Jewellery - We receive money for old/broken costume jewellery - collected at both shops

Used Stamps - Please tear around the used stamp from your envelopes and drop them off to us

to help you with your recycling . . . . and thank you

For more information about any of our shops or about volunteering - call Sally on 07766 227 536 

We would like to thank all the volunteers,
all the people who donate items, 
and all the customers who buy from the shops.