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What help is available?

Information about some of the options that may be available to help you

Refuge Accommodation 
If you need emergency refuge supported accommodation, anytime - Call 575757. (24 Hour support) - also see our 'Refuge' page on this website to find out more information and see pictures.

Outreach Workers
Our Outreach Workers offer emotional support and a listening ear to those experiencing abuse - this includes anyone who may not want to live in a refuge.
We offer you someone to talk to about your options, in confidence and face-to-face in a safe location when the option of leaving or staying can be discussed.​
Outreach Workers can also support male victims.

Telephone Support 
Call us on 575757 - for a chat. We are there to listen if that is all you need or we may be able to give you options and choices about things that are worrying you. Please make sure you are safe to make the call as phone calls may appear on bills or may be traced. You can reverse the charges (via the operator) if you have got no money. We operate a 24-hour emergency helpline.

Email Support 
You can contact us via email - 
BUT REMEMBER please make sure it is safe for you to send and to recieve our reply, as emails can be easily traced.

Domestic Violence ‘Drop-In’ Session 
Staff are available to offer confidential advice and support to women and girls who are experiencing any form of Domestic Abuse. No appointments necessary.

Tuesday anytime between 1-3pm or Thursday anytime between 9.30-11.30am
Both Drop Ins are at our Women's Centre, 36 Brighowgate, Grimsby

Safety Planning
Our Support Workers can help you to do safety planning - on a personal one-to-one basis.  This simply means identifying all the risks of leaving and/or all the risks of staying in an abusive relationship.  Alternatively, our Safety Planning handbook is available to download on our homepage.  National Women's Aid have developed a safe guide to social media and Facebook - this is also avaiable to download from our homepage.

If you are concerned for your own or someone else’s immediate safety always ring the Police on 999. Alternatively you can ring the Police for a non-emergency on 101. The Domestic Abuse Team within the Police (including Independant Advisors) are on 721225 or 721224.  Although you do not have to report the violence to the Police we would encourage this as reporting it builds a case against the perpetrator.

        . . . . . a word of caution - Leaving a violent and abusive relationship is often a really dangerous time. The abusers can feel they are losing the control in the relationship. This may result in the violence getting worse and you may be at higher risk - make sure you get support to leave. (see below)

Men experiencing domestic violence (Also see more information on our 'Domestic Violence' page) Men who are experiencing domestic abuse can recieve support from one of our Support Workers on 588888 or 575757.
Alternatively there is a national Male Advice & Enquiry Line offering confidential support, information and practical advice.

Open: Monday - Friday 10am- 1pm and 2pm - 5pm
Call 0808 801 0327 (free from landlines and most mobiles) 
Email Website

Survivors is a support and advice group for women who have experienced domestic abuse. The group meet every Friday at 9.30am. (Only during term-time) For more information ring Maria on 575757.

National Domestic Violence Helpline 
Freephone 24 Hour 0808 2000 247

Do you need to move away? 
Women's Aid can access refuges and support across the country.  If you need to move aware for safety reasons or to be nearer to your family - give us a call.

Do you have a disability? 
Women's Aid will accommodate and support victims who have a disability. Accommodation has disabled access but support for additional needs or requirements such as visual or hearing support can be provided according to individual need.

Legal Rights 
Some people who are experiencing domestic abuse may have legal rights and options available to them. Women's Aid staff can help you to gain more information or even go with you to see a solicitor.  Alternatively you can access affordable legal help directly by visiting - they are based in Hull but are accesible to anyone.

Women's Aid staff have access to Housing Support Officers who will give you information and advice regarding your housing situation. Alternatively you can visit to find out more information about your housing needs relating to domestic abuse

Survivors Handbook
National Women's Aid have developed a Survivors Handbook - to download a copy click here


Other Agencies / Services that may be of use to you:

Carelink 01472 312312
Emergency telephone alarms for vulnerable people
CARE Rent Scheme 01472 232310
Assistance in obtaining tenancies through private landlords
Child Support Agency 08457 133 133
Citizens Advice Bureau 01472 252500
Disability Benefits 0800 88 22 00
Domestic Violence Police Officer 01472 721224/5
Doorstep 01472 321444
Accommodation and support for young people
Foundations  01472 266999
Drugs and alcohol support and information   
Harbour Place 01472 344118
Day centre for homeless and needy people
Havelok / Longhurst Homes 01472 343486
Homeless Dept, NEL Council 01472 326401
Hospital 01472 874111
Job Centre Plus 0800 055 6688
Lone Parent Advisors 0845 604 3719
Male Victim Helpline 01472 588888
Mental Health Crisis Team 01472 252360
NHS - Health Line 0845 4647
NHS - GP Out of Hours 01472 265222
NSPCC National Help Line 0808 800 5000
Open Door - Health Centre 01472 722000
Open Minds - Mental Health Support 01472 625100
Rape Crisis 0800 197 4787
Salvation Army 01472 289279
Samaritans 01472 353111
Shoreline Housing 0845 849 2000
Victim Support 01472 250251
Volunteer Bureau 01472 231123