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What help is available
Find out what help there is and what options are available to you
Domestic Abuse
Find out about domestic abuse - what it is; how it affects us; why we stay in relationships; who is responsible; and much more
Helping Yourself
Planning your safety is essential for protecting you and your children.
Helping Someone Else
You may be the one person that someone trusts to talk to - this information may help
Effects On Children
Discover what the effects of domestic abuse are on children.
Survivor Stories
Read some of our survivor stories.
2 women are killed every week in England by a current or former partner
(Homicide Statistics, 1998)
EVERY DAY . . . 15 women and approx 24 children live in the refuge in NE Lincs
(Womens Aid N E Lincs 2103)
1 in every 4 women experience domestic violence
(British Crime Surveys 06/07)