Monthly Archives - June 2019

Re-Cycling for cash !

Yes it’s true ! . . . Could you collect:
  • Empty wrappers from biscuits, cakes, bread OR crackers
  • Empty crisp packets, Pringles boxes, sweets & chocolate wrappers
  • Empty cleaning wipe packets & roll-on deodorants (not sprays)
  • Liquid soap push-down tops, liquid wash capsule & dishwasher packets
  • Empty make up & face wipe packets & empty make-up tubes and tubs
  • Used toothbrushes (inc electric heads), Toothpaste tubes & dental floss packet ANY BRAND - ANY MAKE
We send them off to be recycled and they send us money . . . it’s that easy. Could you ask your family & friends? or maybe collect at your workplace ? Recycling poster to print

Could you organise an event for us?

If you would like to organise an event for us please get in touch - maybe a coffee morning, a garden party, a sponsored event, name cards at work, fundraising evening, etc., are just a few of the things people have helped us with. Please email or call us if you can help.

Collection Tubs

Could you or someone you know, have a collection tub in your office or on your shop counter to help raise money for domestic abuse victims/survivors? Every penny really does help and it all amounts up at the end of the year. If you would like a tub dropping off please give us a call or email

Smartie Tubes

We are asking friends, family and colleagues to fill a Smartie Tube with 20p’s. All money raised will go to our children's services in refuge. A full tub of 20p’s raises about £12.80 !! and you get to eat the smarties first !!

“Give a shift”

Some of our domestic abuse services would not be available if it wasn't for the success of our charity shops AND the charity shops would not be successful if it wasn't for the dedication of a great team of volunteers. Do you think you would like to join them in 'making a difference'? Could you come just for a shift to try it out? We need help in any area - sorting, pricing, ironing, cleaning, serving and/or till work?  IT REALLY CAN BE WHATEVER YOU LIKE DOING For more information - pop in to any of our shops (link to page) or call us on 07766 227 536 and we will be happy to talk to you.