The Business Benefits Of Corporate Volunteering In NE Lincs

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The business benefits of corporate volunteering
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The Business Benefits Of Corporate Volunteering In NE Lincs

As a leading domestic abuse charity, Women’s Aid NEL understands the importance of community support in our mission to provide safety and support to survivors of domestic abuse.

One important aspect of this support is corporate volunteering, where companies encourage their employees to give back to their communities by volunteering their time and skills to support nonprofit organisations like ours.

Corporate volunteering offers a wide range of benefits for both the charity and the company, and we at Women’s Aid NEL have seen firsthand the positive impact that it can have on our work, as organisations like Engie, already release employees to work with us on many occasions, like wrapping presents at Christmas and staffing our shops around Grimsby.

Here are 7 benefits of corporate volunteering for domestic abuse charities like ours:

  1. Increased volunteer support: Corporate volunteering can provide a steady stream of volunteers to support the work of a domestic abuse charity. This can help us to build a team of dedicated and motivated volunteers who can help to raise awareness, provide support, and raise funds.
  2. Access to specialised skills: Many companies have employees with specialised skills, such as marketing, IT, or finance, and by encouraging them to volunteer, we can tap into these skills to help improve our operations and reach more people.
  3. Increased visibility in the community: Corporate volunteering can also be a great way for us to increase our visibility in the community. Many companies encourage their employees to share their volunteer experiences on social media, which can help to raise awareness about our charity and our mission.
  4. Employee engagement and team-building: Corporate volunteering can be an excellent way for companies to promote employee engagement and team-building. By working together on a volunteer project, employees can build stronger relationships and develop a sense of shared purpose.
  5. Increased company reputation: Companies that are actively involved in corporate volunteering are often viewed more positively by the public, which can help to improve their reputation in the community.
  6. Connection with the community: Corporate volunteering can help companies to connect with the community and to understand the needs of local organisations like ours. It can be an excellent way to learn more about the work we do and to identify opportunities to provide additional support.
  7. Positive impact: Corporate volunteering is a powerful way for companies to make a positive impact on their communities. By supporting domestic abuse charities like Women’s Aid NEL, companies can play an important role in helping survivors to rebuild their lives and to create a safer, more just society for all.

We at Women’s Aid NEL are deeply grateful for the support of companies and their employees who choose to volunteer with us. 

Corporate volunteering is a powerful way for companies to make a positive impact on their communities and for us to achieve our mission in supporting survivors of domestic abuse. 

If your company is interested in learning more about corporate volunteering opportunities with us, please contact us at or call 01472 595959.

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