The Power Of Support At Our Supporters & Ambassadors Networking Event

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The Power Of Support at our Supporters and Ambassadors Networking Event
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The Power Of Support At Our Supporters & Ambassadors Networking Event

What a great turn out for the first Ambassador and Supporters Networking event, held at the Women’s Aid NEL Women’s Centre, Grimsby at the end of June.

When the Ambassadors Scheme was launched back in March, nobody could have predicted the interest aroused in local businesses and the level of activity and support generated for the organisation.

Women's Aid NEL Networking

At the first meeting in March, a number of businesses, that were already known to Women’s Aid NEL attended, having been invited to find out more about the launch of their Ambassadors Scheme, in response to ad hoc offers of support and donations being received.

It was clear that many local businesses valued the services delivered by the organisation so much and regularly went to great lengths to support their efforts, that formalising the opportunity to support on a regular basis was the right thing to do.

At that meeting, the first three local businesses committed their support to Women’s Aid NEL and others declared their interest in finding out more in the coming weeks, so that by the time the first, of the soon to become, regular Ambassadors and Supporters Networking Events was held at the end of June, more businesses had given their support in becoming ‘Founder Ambassadors’.

Around twenty people attended the meeting at The Women’s Centre, Grimsby on Tuesday 27th June, with representatives from all the Ambassadors in attendance.

Founder Ambassadors

All the businesses have different reasons for becoming Ambassadors and from the interest shown, the list will only continue to grow. Apart from personal reasons or simply wanting to support the great work the charity does, there are also demonstrable business reasons for becoming an Ambassador.

The Benefits To Your Business

Partnering with a charity is one of the best things you can do for your business. 

As well as being a great way to demonstrate your philanthropic values, the whole notion of ‘giving back’ is becoming more and more a factor for employees when selecting a place to work.

Employees who strongly agree their organisation makes a positive impact on people and planet, compared with other workers are:

2    x More likely to be engaged at work

3.1 x More likely to be extremely satisfied with their organisation as a place to work

5.6 x More likely to trust their leadership

And results in:

  • less absenteeism
  • less staff turnover, more sales
  • improvement in customer ratings
  • higher profitability.

Whether you’re a sole trader or large corporate… 

The value to you as a business of connecting with a local charity, is that it’s a great way to demonstrate your business ethos and values.

The Real Business Benefits:

  • Shows you care about social impact
  • Great for recruiting, employee morale and staff retention
  • Excellent for brand awareness and positioning
  • Increases customer retention and loyalty
  • Your support to your employees is demonstrable
  • It generally feels good to be doing good

If you would like to know more about the work done by Women’s Aid NEL, forming a Corporate Partnership or how to become an Ambassador for the organisation, you can find out more on The Women’s Aid NEL website or email

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