5 Ways You Can Support Our Work

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5 Ways You Can Support Our Work
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5 Ways You Can Support Our Work

Over the years, we’ve come to realise that support for Women’s Aid comes in many different shapes and sizes and we love them all!

Whether it’s individuals wanting to show their support or businesses demonstrating their corporate social responsibility, there are many ways to show support, some easy and convenient and others more complex and involved.

In this article we’re going to highlight five easy ways that lots of people chose to show their support and love for the work we do in supporting survivors of domestic abuse:

  • Volunteering
  • Donations to our charity shops
  • The 400 Club Lottery
  • Corporate Partnership
  • Corporate Ambassadors

Ways You Can Support Women's Aid NEL


The gift of time is a powerful way to make a difference in the lives of survivors of domestic abuse. By volunteering and dedicating your time and skills, you become a vital part of our support network.

Whether you’re offering a listening ear on our helpline, assisting in our outreach programs, or helping with events, your contribution make a huge difference and allows us to deliver essential services to support women and their families who have survived domestic abuse.

Volunteering doesn’t just create an impact on others; it also creates a sense of fulfilment within yourself as you see the positive change you’re helping to bring about.


Join our team of compassionate volunteers and be a beacon of hope for survivors.

Volunteering doesn’t just change the women’s lives

One of our volunteers, Jean
One of our volunteers, Jean

it also changes volunteer’s lives!

Club 400 Lottery

 A great way to fund hope!Join our Club 400 Lottery. Support our work with children. Just £1 per month To Join email denise@womensaidnel.org

Who knew supporting a charity could be so exciting? With the Club 400 Lottery, you not only stand a chance to win fantastic prizes but also help fund the hope and support we provide.

By participating and contributing just £1 per month directly into our bank, you can join this great initiative and make a real difference in the lives of those we help, as well as being in with the chance to win cash prizes!

You’d be joining a community of individuals committed to making a positive impact. Your subscription helps us continue offering essential services and support to the children of survivors.

It’s a win-win situation – you could win a prize and the children definitely win by having your support.

Corporate Partnership

If you’re a business looking to make a meaningful difference in your community, a corporate partnership with Women’s Aid NEL might be the perfect fit.

Corporate partnerships, go beyond financial support; they create a lasting impact through shared goals and collaborative efforts. By aligning your brand with our cause, you showcase your commitment to social responsibility and help us amplify our reach.

Whether through fundraising campaigns, employee engagement and corporate volunteering, or cause-related marketing, your partnership can empower survivors and raise awareness about domestic abuse, while also enhancing your company’s reputation, both with customers and employees alike.

Just like local company Tronox, who recently invited us along to their family day when celebrating 70 years in business.

Setting Up at The Tronox Family Day
Kate and Jean Setting Up at The Tronox Family Day

Corporate Ambassadors

Earlier this year we launched our Corporate Ambassadors Scheme giving local companies the opportunity to officially align themselves with Women’s Aid NEL, demonstrating support for our work and helping to raise awareness of and make a stand against domestic abuse through their employees and colleagues.

As a Corporate Ambassador, you have the unique opportunity to use your influence to drive change.

By lending your voice to our cause, you can help break the silence around domestic abuse and encourage others to take a stand. Whether it’s speaking at events, sharing our mission on social media, or engaging with your network, you become a beacon of hope and empowerment and your advocacy can inspire others to join the movement against domestic abuse.

As of the date of publishing this article (September 2023) we have six fantastic local businesses, proud to call themselves Corporate Ambassadors for Women’s Aid NEL and we love them all!

Our Corporate Ambassadors:

Corporate Ambassadors 2023

Let's Create Lasting Change

Together At Women’s Aid NEL, we believe that change is possible when hearts and minds come together.

The support we receive, whether from individuals or businesses, helps us continue our mission of empowering survivors and creating a world free from domestic abuse.

These five easy ways to show your support are just the beginning. Every action, no matter how small, contributes to the larger tapestry of change.

So, whether you’re volunteering your time, donating to our charity shops, participating in the Club 400 Lottery, forming a corporate partnership, or becoming a corporate ambassador, you’re making a positive impact that ripples far beyond the surface.

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