Here at Women’s Aid NEL, we’re dedicated to providing hope and support for those affected by domestic violence and our services aim to empower and uplift survivors.

However, we self-fund many of our activities and rely heavily on the incredible support from our fantastic supporter community

We’re always looking for new ways to fund the services we deliver and two recent innovations, in particular, are proving hugely successful in our fundraising efforts.

The implementation of an eBay shop and an Amazon Wishlist… 

And we’d love you to use them whenever you can!

The Power of eBay: Turning Unwanted Items into Support

In this age of decluttering and conscious consumerism, our Women’s Aid eBay shop has the potential to be a huge boost for fundraising, in addition to the revenue we get from our four walk-in shops. 

Supporters can generously donate their pre-loved items, ranging from vintage clothing to unique collectables and the magic happens when these items find new homes, with every sale contributing directly to the charity’s vital programs.

The eclectic range of items we can sell reflects the diverse support the charity receives, creating a virtual marketplace where generosity meets purpose. 

From retro fashion enthusiasts to antique aficionados, every donation and sale tells a story of solidarity and compassion.

Last year, our new eBay shop raised over £14,000 through sales, which was able to be channelled directly into delivering essential services.

Use the QR code below to visit our eBay Store.

Visit our eBay store

Amazon Wish List: Transforming Wishes into Realities

Our Amazon Wish List is a modern-day genie lamp for Women’s Aid NEL!

This virtual list is filled with essential items needed to support survivors on their journey towards healing and independence. 

Supporters, much like fairy godparents, can grant wishes by purchasing items ranging from toiletries to educational resources.

What makes the Amazon Wish List so magical is its convenience. With just a few clicks, supporters can make a tangible impact on the lives of those in need.

The Wish List transforms the spirit of giving into real, practical support, providing us with the resources necessary to continue our invaluable work.

Use the QR code below to see our Amazon Wishlist.

Amazon Wishlist

Celebrating Our Fantastic Supporters

None of this would be possible without the incredible supporters who rally behind Women’s Aid NEL.

From the eBay sellers who generously donate their items, to the Amazon shoppers who turn wishes into reality, we rely on the unwavering dedication of our supporter community.

Our supporters are more than just donors, they are champions of Woman’s Aid and advocates for a brighter future.

A Digital Revolution of Compassion

In the digital age, charity fundraising has taken on new forms and here at Women’s Aid NEL we’re at the forefront of this digital revolution. 

The eBay shop and Amazon Wish List are dynamic tools, allowing our supporters to channel their goodwill into tangible support for survivors of domestic abuse.

As we look forward to the success of these initiatives, we’d like to raise a virtual toast to you, our fantastic supporters who continue to make a difference. 

In your hands, unwanted items become beacons of hope and wishes on a list turn into stepping stones towards a brighter future. 

Together, we’re not just raising funds, we’re building a community of compassion and empowerment. 

Cheers to the eBay sellers, Amazon shoppers and every individual who believes in the transformative power of kindness!