Domestic Abuse, Our Support Services

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Domestic Abuse, Our Support Services
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Domestic Abuse, Our Support Services

We’re often asked just what services Women’s Aid provides and how those services can help women experiencing domestic abuse.

Well, the answer often comes as somewhat of a surprise as to the range of direct and indirect services available, delivered both in-house and remotely.

Below, we’ve highlighted some of the main services we provide and deliver daily and given contact details for more information or to get in touch immediately, should the need be urgent.

Concern For Immediate Safety!

If you are concerned for your own or someone else’s immediate safety always ring the Police on 999.

Alternatively, you can ring the Police for a non-emergency on 101.

Although you do not have to report the violence to the Police, we would always encourage this as reporting it aids in building a case against the perpetrator.

A word of caution though… Leaving a violent and abusive relationship is often a really dangerous time. 

The abusers can feel they are losing the control in the relationship and this may result in the violence getting worse and you may be at even higher risk.

It is very important that you get support to leave.

Our Refuge Accommodation

The Refuge is a safe house where women and children who are fleeing from domestic abuse can live free from violence. 

The Refuge address is confidential and you can choose to stay in the local refuge or you may want to go out of town to another refuge for safety. 

If you are experiencing any form of domestic abuse you can ring us on 01472 575757 for advice, information or just someone to talk to.

What will my accommodation be like?

The refuge has self-contained and fully equipped flats which comprise a living/dining room, bathroom, kitchen and two bedrooms. 

We also have two bedsits for women with no children.

The quality and standard of the accommodation is superb and you will have access to a shared communal room for socialising and meeting others who live in the refuge too. 

Additionally, there is a children’s room, children’s garden, quiet adult garden, computer area and laundry and televisions with Freeview are provided too.

If you need emergency refuge supported accommodation, anytime – Call 01472 575757. (24 Hour support)

Outreach Support

Our Outreach team will meet with ANY victims of domestic abuse (both women and men) to talk to them about all the options available.  

If your situation becomes unsafe the Outreach Workers can also support you in looking for refuge space (women only) or other temporary accommodation. 

Victims can also be supported to access other parts of the country if the violence is severe and leaving town is the only option.  

Outreach support workers also support victims from minority groups and rural areas and can advise and provide information about issues such as housing, debt, benefits, solicitors, your local area and services, etc.  

They can also help find access to learning such as assertiveness; confidence building; college courses and more. 

You can access our Outreach service by calling our easy to remember number 01472 575757. Referrals will be accepted by victims themselves or any other friend, family or agency. 

If you need ANY help at all, you can call us, or Facetime/video for support or meet face-to-face 

Please do not suffer alone.

Telephone Support

Call us on 01472 575757 – Even if it’s just for a chat. 

We are here to listen if that is all you need or we may be able to give you options and choices about things that are worrying you. 

Please make sure you are safe to make the call as phone calls may appear on bills or may be traced.

You can reverse the charges (via the operator) if you don’t have any money. 

We operate a 24-hour emergency helpline 01472 575757.

Email Support

You can contact us via email –

BUT REMEMBER please make sure it is safe for you to send and to receive our reply, as emails can be easily traced.

Domestic Abuse Drop-In sessions

Support staff are available every day, in various locations and wAdvice sessione can also offer support via phone or video link.  

Staff offer confidential advice and support to anyone who is experiencing any form of Domestic Abuse. 

We also understand that you may initially just want to come along for a chat with someone who understands, so we want to make it easy, no appointments are necessary.

You can chat with a support worker about any help you may need, any problems or issues you may have or it may be an opportunity to just talk to someone who understands, someone who can tell you about all the options that are available to you.

Someone is available every day – call us on 01472 575757

Drop In AdviceDrop-in sessions are available every day:

Mondays 9.30 – 11.30am at the Roxton GP Practice, Immingham
Tuesdays 1pm – 3pm at our Women’s Centre, Grimsby (women only)
Wednesdays 1pm – 3pm at Clee Medical Centre, Grimsby Rd, Cleethorpes
Thursdays 9.30am – 11.30am at our Women’s Centre, Grimsby (women only)
Fridays 9.30am – 11.30am at our Counselling Room, Hainton Square Shop, Grimsby

Evening appointments can be arranged.

Please call 01472 575757 for more information.

Safety Planning

Our support staff can help you to do safety planning on a personal one-to-one basis.  This simply means identifying all the risks of leaving and/or all the risks of staying in an abusive relationship.

Support For Male Victims

Male victimMen who are experiencing domestic abuse can also receive support from one of our support workers either at the drop-in or on 01472 575757.

Alternatively, there is a national Male Advice & Enquiry Line offering confidential support, information and practical advice.

National helpline – 0808 801 0327 (free from landlines and most mobiles)

Email Website

Courses and Programs

Freedom Programme

Freedom ProgramThe Freedom Programme currently runs twice a week, face-to-face (during term time) and it’s a 12-week programme that helps women and girls to understand more about how tactics, behaviours and rules are used to gain control in relationships.  

It also helps women and girls understand more about beliefs held by abusive men and how these are used to gain power and control over the victim.

You can be assured that if you don’t want to talk about your own abuse that is fine, the course is focused around abusive behaviours and what they are rather than your personal abuse.  

We pride ourselves in taking care of women when they arrive and thousands of women and girls have been through the programme and the outcomes are amazing, with many women referring to it as “life-changing”

Own My Life

Own My Life runs every week (during term time) for 12 weeks and follows on from Freedom for those who are ready to, and want to, make changes in their lives.  

The course looks at how to get over and move on from domestic abuse, allowing time and a safe space to explore thoughts, beliefs and attitudes that can sometimes hold you back.  We look at many life situations that leave us feeling guilty, angry, lonely, useless etc. and how these feelings can affect your confidence and stop you from taking back control of your life and moving on to happy, healthy lives and relationships.

If you want to talk to us about either of the courses, before you decide, please email


Survivors is a women’s self-help support group for those who have experienced domestic abuse and meets every Friday at 9.30am (in school term times).  

For more information ring Maria on 01472 575757 or email

Legal / Solicitors ‘Drop-In’ sessions

We have FREE legal drop-in sessions available 4 times a month, that are kindly offered by local solicitors to support victims of abuse.  

These sessions are really useful if you just want to have a chat and find out options that may be available to you legally.

We can also help clients to access Legal Aid and the sessions are held at our Women’s Centre in Grimsby between 2-4pm.

Pepperell’s                    – FIRST Thursday of each month
John Barkers               – SECOND Thursday of each month
Pepperell’s                    – THIRD Thursday of each month
Sills and Betteridge    – FOURTH Thursday of each month

There is no session if there are 5 Thursdays in the month

In Summary

There are many ways in which Women’s Aid NEL can help and support, both women and men experiencing or having experienced domestic abuse.

You can reach us at any time of the day or night on 01472 575757.


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