We Welcomed New Ambassadors At Our April Networking Meeting

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We welcomed new Ambassadors at our April networking meeting
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We Welcomed New Ambassadors At Our April Networking Meeting

We were delighted to welcome new ambassadors at our recent Ambassadors networking meeting in April.

On Thursday 25th April, we were so pleased to welcome a number of Ambassadors and supporters to our latest, regular networking meeting, held at The Women’s Centre, Grimsby and even more pleased to be able to present certificates and plaques to two new Ambassadors.

Gary Davies Photographer and Mark Webb, CEO of Business Hive and E-Factor Grimsby, both received certificates and plaques to demonstrate their support as Ambassadors of Women’s Aid NEL, recognising the value of the work we do and wanting to give their ongoing support.

Businesses who become Ambassadors of Women’s Aid NEL, have access to a range of benefits, as well as giving their valuable support to the work we do to help and support victims and survivors of domestic abuse.

Business Benefits of Corporate Partnership

1. Shows you care about social impact
By supporting a cause that is important to its stakeholders, a business shows that it is more than just a profit-driven entity, and that it is committed to making a difference in the world. This sends a strong message to customers, employees, and other stakeholders that the business is dedicated to making a positive impact.

2. Great for recruiting, employee morale and staff retention
Employees are often motivated to work for companies that they believe are making a difference in the world, and a charity partnership can help increase employee engagement and satisfaction.

3. Excellent for brand awareness and positioning
By aligning with a cause that is important to its stakeholders, a business can demonstrate its commitment to making a positive impact in the world. This can help to build trust and credibility with customers, employees, and other stakeholders, and establish the brand as a leader in its industry.

4. Increases customer retention and loyalty
Customers are increasingly looking for companies that align with their values, and a charity partnership can be a way to differentiate a business from its competitors and attract and retain customers who are motivated by social and environmental causes.

5. Your support to your employees is demonstrable
If you have a victim or survivor working for your organisation, imagine how supported they would feel knowing you actively supported Women’s Aid NEL and how much easier it would be to openly chat.

6. It generally feels good to be doing good
Overall, partnering with a charity can bring a sense of giving depth and purpose to a business, helping it to build a positive reputation, increase brand awareness, engage employees, and contribute to the community.

Find out more by downloading our Corporate Partnership Pack.

Ambassador Networking

We hold regular networking meetings for our Corporate Partners and Ambassadors and those wanting to know more about the workings of Women’s Aid and how they can help us more.

Those attending, meet other businesses and organisations and build valuable relationships that benefit their business and it gives us the chance to talk with them too, to find out how we can help them, or ask for help ourselves, which makes the partnership really work.

We love our Ambassadors and Corporate Partners and the value they bring to us as well as the opportunities we give to them to demonstrate their Corporate Social Responsibility.

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