How You Can Support Survivors Of Domestic Abuse With Amazon Wishlist

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How You Can Support Survivors Of Domestic Abuse With Amazon Wishlist
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How You Can Support Survivors Of Domestic Abuse With Amazon Wishlist

Here at Women’s Aid NEL, we support the victims and survivors of domestic abuse in many different ways and every week, we run the Freedom Program, followed by Own My Life, both vital initiatives that support women on their journey to reclaiming their lives. 

As part of these programs, after each session, we give out what we call ‘Boxes of Happiness’, thoughtfully put together care packages designed to uplift, empower and bring happiness to these brave women.

Now, you can play a crucial role in this process and thanks to our Amazon Wishlist, supporting this cause has never been easier.

What is the Amazon Wishlist?

Amazon Wishlist is a great tool that allows us to list the specific items we need for our Boxes of Happiness.

This curated list includes everything from cosy blankets and soothing bath products to uplifting books and comforting snacks, all chosen with care to bring a smile to the faces of the women we support.

How Can You Get Involved?

Supporting us through the Amazon Wishlist is simple and incredibly impactful.

Here’s how you can get started:

1. Visit Our Wishlist

Head over to the Women’s Aid NEL Amazon Wishlist. You’ll find a selection of items that we need for our Boxes of Happiness.


2. Choose Your Gift

Browse through the list and choose the items you’d like to donate. Whether it’s a small token or a more substantial gift, every contribution makes a difference.

3. Purchase and Deliver

Once you’ve selected your items, simply add them to your cart and proceed to checkout.

Amazon will handle the rest, ensuring that your chosen gifts are delivered directly to us.

4. Feel the Joy!

Know that your generosity is directly brightening someone’s day. Each item you purchase goes straight into a Box of Happiness, ready to bring comfort and joy to a survivor of domestic abuse.

Why Your Support Matters

The impact of receiving a Box of Happiness is profound. These boxes are not just about the physical items they contain but the message of hope and solidarity they carry.

For many women attending the Freedom and Own My Life programs, these boxes are a tangible reminder that they are seen, valued, and supported by their community.

What some of the women have said:

‘OMG.  The gifts that I received every week made me feel valued and loved.  It made me think that yes, I am worth something and they were just for me and me only.  This didn’t happen before in my relationship, but now I can look at my gifts every day, knowing that I am worth something and there are people who care and believe that I am’.

‘It was really lovely to receive the gifts every week, as I can’t remember the last time that anyone bought me anything’.

‘The gift boxes were amazing and put a smile on everyone’s faces.  I will never forget what I have learnt and how much further on in my journey I am.  Thank you so much for your generosity’.

By contributing through the Amazon Wishlist, you are doing more than just giving a gift, you are sharing kindness, spreading joy and helping to rebuild lives.

Each item, whether big or small, plays a part in creating a moment of happiness and a step towards healing.

Spread the Word

Your support doesn’t have to stop with a donation. Help us spread the word by sharing our Amazon Wishlist with your friends, family and social networks.

The more people who know about this initiative, the greater the impact we can collectively make.

A Supporting Community

Your support not only fills our Boxes of Happiness with wonderful items but continues to remind us what a caring, supportive community we have here in North East Lincs.
Let’s continue to stand together, showing survivors of domestic abuse that they are not alone and that brighter days are ahead.

Visit our Amazon Wishlist today and become a beacon of hope in someone’s life. Together, we can make a difference, one Box of Happiness at a time.

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