Practitioners, Agency Workers or Volunteers

We currently offer 2½ hour sessions covering DOMESTIC ABUSE topics

*Each session is accredited to 2.5 learning hours (Continuing Professional Development)

*Sessions cost £10 per person (for those booking individually)

*Sessions cost £200 per session (for those booking for large groups/teams)

(If you work for North East Lincolnshire Council – this training is being offered FREE through your internal booking system)

We are operating a waiting list for the following sessions
– please email Denise at if you have any questions.

Domestic Abuse Awareness
Covering, what is domestic abuse; types of abuse and behaviours; why do people stay in violent relationships; why don’t they leave?

Understanding Coercive Control
Exploring the definition of coercive control; tactics & behaviours; the power & control wheel; understanding the ever-changing ‘stages’ of control; includes ‘everyone’s’ role in evidence gathering

DASH & Assessing Risk
Identifying, understanding and how to assess risks; exploring high, medium and low risk cases; safety planning; experience how the DASH tool is used to measure risk and keep women safe.  These sessions highlight everyone’s role in ensuring risks are managed in order to keep women alive and safe.

The Impact of Domestic Abuse on Children
This session explores how children are affected when living in homes where there is domestic abuse.

Freedom for Agencies
An overview of our 12-week programme for women and girls; take part in parts of course; see how women feel, what are their fears; listen to stories & experiences; explore how change happens and find out how to make better referrals to the 12 week programme.

History, Gender, Equality & their impact on Domestic Abuse
Exploring sex ‘v’ gender; how growing up around gender norms impacts on all of us; advertising & media; history of women; classroom gender; how can we create change?

DA & On-Line Safety
How does abuse happen on-line; how are women tracked; how do perpetrators get their info; how can women stay safer on line; internet purchases.

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Literature Available
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