Victims & Survivors Of Domestic Abuse

Women’s Aid offers a few FREE specialist programmes for those of you who have been through abuse and want to begin your journeys to recovery.

The most popular are the ‘Freedom Programme’ and ‘Own My Life’ – they are both 12-week courses.

Freedom – helps you make sense of the abuse, unpicking and understanding some of the tactics and behaviours used by perpetrators, questioning all the myths around ‘why did I stay’ or ‘why didn’t I leave’.

Own My Life – is more about what next? What changes do you want to make? How will you continue into developing and planning your new life?

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Women’s Aid are also offering a free session for survivors about ‘On-Line Safety’  –  Helping you to understand the risks when using Social Media, the Internet, Search Engines, Emails, Banking, Mobile Phones, Trackers, and much more.

We run one session a month so you can choose which dates suits you
For more information call Maria on 575757 or email


Some victims and survivors go on to do further DOMESTIC ABUSE TRAINING and volunteering.  If you are interested just call us or visit our training pages for ‘Learners & Students’ where you will find all the information about the sessions.