Freedom & Own My Life

NOTICE – Corona Virus

We have made the difficult decision to cancel all our group work sessions whilst everyone is trying to safe – HOWEVER our workers are still doing phone or facetime/video support or in an emergency we can still see people face-to-face in a very controlled environment – call us if you need support 575757 – please do not suffer alone during these difficult times.

The Freedom Programme

Usually the Freedom Programme runs twice a week on a Wednesday – you can join either the morning or the evening session (during term time)

It is a 12-week programme that helps women and girls to understand more about how tactics, behaviours and rules are used to gain control in relationships.  It also helps women and girls understand more about beliefs held by abusive men and how these are used to gain power and control over the victim.

All women and girls who attend the programme are EXTREMELY nervous about even walking through the doors followed by anxiety about talking about such a difficult issue.  I really hope this does not stop you . . . . . if you could speak to the hundreds of women who have finished the course they would say ‘do it’ and ‘it’s the best thing you can do’.  You can be assured if you dont want to talk about your abuse that is fine the course is focused around abusive behaviours and what they are rather than your personal abuse.  We pride ourselves in taking care of women when they arrive.

You can start the course at any week (For example; if you start on Week 7 you could finish to Week 12 then come back and do Weeks 1 to 6.  A creche is available on the morning sessions only, for those who have small children.

Freedom Poster to print

Own My Life

Usually, Own My Life runs every Tuesday morning (during term time) for 12 weeks.  This course follows on from Freedom for those who are ready to, and want to, make changes in their lives.  After Freedom women and girls have regularly been left thinking ‘what now’? How do I get over this? How do I move on?  Own My Life looks at ways of doing that – allowing time and a safe space to explore where some of your thoughts, beliefs and attitudes can sometimes hold you back.  We look at many life situations that leave us feeling guilty, angry, lonely, useless etc., and how these feelings can affect your confidence and stop you from taking back control of your life and moving on into happy and healthy lives and relationships.

This course does not allow women to join any week (unlike Freedom) as it very much focuses on a journey from week 1 through to week 12.

If you want to talk to us about either of these courses
before you decide
– please email


We asked some women & girls who finished their course in July 19, what they would say to anyone who was thinking about doing the course? 

Ashleigh – “You really need to do it, its the best thing I have ever done, honestly you will never regret time spent each week just looking at you and what you want from life.”

Maureen – ” I was absolutley petrified, I walked up and down to the door about 3 times – now I can’t wait to get there every week, I am gutted it has finished for the summer, I will be back x ”

Tamsin – “I have really had my eyes opened. I thought I knew all about abuse and how it affected me but I have explored so much about myself. I can be me again, and thats a good feeling. Thank you so much.”

Pat – “Just do it, that’s all I want to say really, you will love it.”

Darcee – “I think all my friends at school should do this course.”