Housing Project

Our NEW Housing Project

Are you a victim/survivor of domestic abuse and need help with housing?
Are you selling your property and could help WA by offering a lower price?
Are you a house-owner looking to rent? Maybe we could be your managing agent?

Women’s Aid recognises that women seeking our services have different needs, require different levels of support and equally need different types of housing options available to them.  We provide a more person-centred approach to offering housing options which are of a quality standard, affordable, safer, offer support and offer a more inclusive and needs assessed option for women and children.

We know housing is fundamental in creating a stable and safe environment for women and children to rebuild their lives; housing security impacts positively on the overall happiness for families and substantially improves their chances of positive outcomes in life.

We hope that women and children will:

  • feel safer in their homes and have a chance to live free from abuse
  • live in high quality standard housing
  • have a choice of housing, a choice of the size of the housing and a choice of location
  • feel better supported
  • have a safe, ethical and supportive landlord
  • not be forced into insecure, overpriced and badly managed private properties that they don’t want
  • better manage their tenancy successfully and live more independently
  • have access to services to address any support needs e.g. health, financial, legal or specialist advice
  • have a chance to make long-term plans for their future

The Application Process:

The project is available for anyone over the age of 18 who is or has been in an abusive relationship.

The applicant may be:

  • homeless due to the abuse
  • fleeing abuse
  • at risk of further or future abuse
  • at risk of losing their current tenancy
  • vulnerably housed or badly housed due to previous domestic abuse
    (inc. living in inadequate or unsafe accommodation/areas)

Support needs and risks will be assessed, and priority will be given to those whose needs best match the accommodation applied for.

If you may be interested in applying for housing with Women’s Aid
you can call in for an application form
or you can
email Jo – housing@womensaidnel.org
and she will talk you through our application process

Maybe you have a house to sell or rent?

If you would like to help us house victims and survivors of domestic abuse
– email Jo for more info (above)