Outreach Support

Outreach Support is available to help you – if you need ANY help at all, you can call us, or facetime/video for support or you can see us face-to-face – please do not suffer alone.

The workers can provide a range of information and options, such as housing, solicitors, benefits, networking, safety planning and a range of practical support such as bolts, locks, alarms etc.

Our Outreach staff can meet with ANY victims of domestic abuse (both women or men) to talk to them about all the options available.  If you become unsafe the Outreach Workers can support you in looking for refuge space (women only) or other temporary accommodation. Victims can also be supported to access other parts of the country if the violence is severe and leaving town is the only option.  Staff can also give you advice and information about other issues such as housing, debt, benefits, solicitors, your local area and services etc.  They could also help find access to learning such as assertiveness; confidence building; college courses etc.  Outreach support staff can also tell you all about the Freedom Programme if you may be interested.

Outreach support workers can also support victims from minority groups and from rural areas. You can access our Outreach service by calling our easy to remember number 01472 575757. Referrals will be accepted by victims themselves or any other friend, family or agency. Depending on your needs and the urgency of support needed, an initial visit to come in and see us will be arranged.  Safe and neutral venues can be planned if there are any dangers or if anyone may be unsafe.